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Power Management

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

As a leader, you have the POWER to change the course of this world through your POWER MANAGEMENT Philosophy. POWER IS CIRCULAR. On the orbital journey of POWER, we must remember that, however we manage our life, it circles back to us. We set our course towards what we know, which is our vision. But it is the unknown parts of the journey that causes us to stop the voyage. We will not always understand everything on our journey, but we will know the directional pull, based upon our passion and our ability to manage the POWER that we have to fulfill that vision/course. Power is a tool to be used for the greater good only. A universal servant leader understands that. But a selfish leader may take off from the launching pad, but will not reach the highest height availability, because the negative gravitational pull will eventually cause a crash and the desired voyage will be aborted.

We occupy a space called life. We must endeavor to reach the highest version of ourselves through orbital leadership by possessing circular and influential power management. Your space is not just inhabited by you but by all of the other planetary influencers in your sphere. Therefore, management is to keep living a life of enjoyment. To fully understand, check out the breakdown of the below power matrix.

P - purposeful living management

O - opportunity/orbiting pursuit and trajectory management

W - will management - how you ebb and flow

E - energy management - commitment focused

R - resource management - how you use what you possess and have access to

You have the painstaking honor of managing the power embedded within you.

Why is it painstaking, you may ask? Because there is a never-ending battle taking place within the power of your thought life and the power of your action life. The interesting thing is that the daily orbital rotation between the two is performed many times in contrasting universal trajectories. That is why you have to manage them.

So prepare to take flight to boldly go where no man or woman has gone before through POWER MANAGEMENT.

Dr. Maya Taylor

November 2021

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